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Broadband access availability is responsible for increased economic benefits, increased productivity and education results, for improved living standards and safety. Despite all these benefits, 40% of rural America lacks broadband access. The NC legislature through the rural mini-budget (H387) bill signed by governor Roy Copper on October 14, 2019, allocates $15mil/year for 10 years in matching funds for broadband providers.

NC-BARIC was created by the Department of Technology Systems at East Carolina University to help citizens, service-providers and state-local governments leverage available financial, expertise and technological resources towards effective broadband access enablement.

NC Broadband Stats at a Glance


State by Broadband Access Ranking

Broadband Availability Index at 25Mbps Download Speeds


People without access to a wired connection capable of 25mbps


People have access to only one wired broadband provider


People do not have any wired internet provider available in their area

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We are excited to get started on this journey of driving, enabling and helping broadband adoption in North Carolina. This project was born out of our passion for technology and its application towards the betterment of the lives of North Carolina citizens. We commend the efforts of the state government and legislature toward enabling stateā€¦

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