Promote the adoption of broadband internet services and be the trusted advisor for communities and service providers across North Carolina in the process of effectively deploying and operating broadband internet access services across the state.


NC-BARIC was started by a team of IT infrastructure experts from the Department of Technology Systems at East Carolina University with the explicit goal to apply their industry and academic experience towards advancing broadband adoption in NC. The role of the center goes beyond technology and brings together expertise from other departments within East Carolina University and from across the state. We welcome contributors from all fields of expertise who can help NC eliminate the digital divide.

Dr. Ciprian Popoviciu
Assistant Professor
Department of Technology Systems
College of Engineering and Technology
East Carolina University

Dr. Phil Lunsford
Associate Professor
Department of Technology Systems
College of Technology Systems
East Carolina University


Broadband adoption is a challenge faced by most of the country. We are partnering with similar initiatives in other states to exchange lessons learned and best practices that will help all our communities.

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