Service Providers

There is a clear, justified demand for broadband services across the state. New technologies provide opportunities for existing providers to expand their footprint and service offering and for new providers to enter existing or greenfield markets. New applications and renewed promoting initiatives support increasingly powerful and interesting business cases for entering the market. Increasing demand for IP access to support instrumentation (IoT) makes broadband access more economical at remote locations. State and federal funding supports the buildout of broadband infrastructure in rural North Carolina.


Internet Providers Cover NC


North Carolinian Homes Lack Internet Access


North Carolinian Homes Have Access to Single Provider

Service Providers can identify entry or growth opportunities across the entire state. Rural areas benefit from explicitly allocated state funding under the GREAT program.

Resources to Plan Your Service Offering

GREAT Grant Program Information

Are you a greenfield provider and need technology guidance?


Small Broadband Companies Bring Internet Access To Rural NC

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